Limestone Quarry Plant

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QCCO was approved as a member of “China Association for Contracting Projects Abroad “and granted a membership certificate on Sep 28,2005; “Credibility Rating AAA certificate in Foreign Trade” was granted to QCCO by China Shippers’ Association


X80 grade steel pipe strength

(1) The reduction of carbon content to an extremely low level resulted in excellent low-temperature toughness.
(2) The application of the new microstructure concept with  precipitation-hardened  bainitic  ferrite  enabled the production of pipes by a hot strip and ERW pro- cess. The mechanical properties were favorable.
X80 grade steel pipe
(3)  An   X80   g rade   strength   and   excellent   low- temperature toughness of the base material and weld were  achieved.  The  toughness  value  of  vTrs  was below −50°C for each weld and base material.
(4) This material also has good weldability for girth welding because of the low Pcm value.

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