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Polyurethane insulation steel pipe

Polyurethane insulation pipe
Polyurethane insulation pipe from the inside to the outside of the three-tier structure - Langfang Xinda Insulation Materials Co., Ltd. The first floor: the working steel pipe layer according to the design and customer requirements are generally selected seamless pipe (GB8163-87) spiral welded pipe (GB9711-88; SY /T5038-92) and straight seam welded pipe (GB3092-93). After the surface of the steel pipe is treated with advanced shot blasting technology, the derusting grade of the steel pipe can reach Sa2 grade in GB8923-1988 standard, and the surface roughness can reach R=12.5 micron in the standard of GB6060.5-88. Second layer: Polyurethane insulation layer A high-pressure foaming machine is used to inject the rigid polyurethane foam liquid into the cavity formed between the outer sheaths at one time. That is commonly known as "tube tube foaming process." One of its functions is waterproof, the other is thermal insulation, and the third is to support the heat network. When the medium temperature is: -50 °C -120 °C, use rigid polyurethane foam insulation layer. The third layer: high-density polyethylene protective layer Prefabricated black (yellow) plastic pipe with a certain thickness, its role is to protect the polyurethane insulation from mechanical hard objects, the second is anti-corrosion and waterproof
Product Structure: Prefabricated buried steam insulation pipe consists of core pipe (work pipe) rent-reducing layer, heat insulation layer, reflective layer, fastening steel belt, sliding bracket, air layer, outer protection steel pipe, sprayed polyurethane, and winding fiberglass.
Polyurethane insulation steel pipe
With steel pipe as the outer protective layer, with high strength. Not easy to damage and can withstand the characteristics of a large upper load, in order to achieve long life, the steel outer casing needs to be treated with anti-corrosion.
Rolling support structure design is reasonable, the rolling friction force is small, the force of the fixed bearing is reduced, the mechanics analysis principle is simple, and the stability and safety of the pipeline are greatly improved.
The vacuum layer completely eliminates the heat conduction and heat convection existing in the air layer and greatly reduces the heat loss. Compared with the air layer structure, the outer wall temperature can be reduced by 8-13°C at the same insulation thickness.
The evacuation device completely solves the problem that the inner wall of the outer steel casing is easily corroded by hot and humid air, and greatly improves the operating life of the directly buried steam pipeline. Product life increased to 30 years.
The vacuum evacuation device completely solves the problem that every 50-60m of the air layer structure exists and must be provided with a pair of row tidal tubes, which greatly reduces the damage rate of the outer sleeve and makes the pipeline more beautiful along the line. At the same time, the increased cost of about 50/m due to the setting of the tide tube is reduced.

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