Limestone Quarry Plant

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FBE Coating

 External Anti-corrosion Coating:

Two or three Layer Polyethylene Coating(2PE/3PE)
Two or three Layer Polypropylene Coating(2PP/3PP)
Single or double Layer Fusion-Bonded Epoxy Coating(FBE)

Pipes Range: OD 6"-48"

FBE Coating Thickness: 100m-1200m
3L-PE Coating Thickness: 1.8mm-4.0mm
3L-PP Coating Thickness: 1.8mm-4.0mm
Standard: DIN30670, DIN30678, CAN/CSA-Z245.20-02,
NFA 49-710
Internal Anti-corrosion Coating:
Internal Anti-corrosion Coating Film epoxy paint can smooth the steel surface and enhance liquid flow.
Presently, Epoxy paint (Flow Enhancement)coating thickness is more than or equal to 250m
Standard: API RP5I 2, NFA 49-709
FBE Coating elbow ,FBE Coating pipe fitting  FBE Coating pipe  FBE Coating  FBE Coating

3PE Coating:

this coating system is combined of three layers:
1. First layer is FBE separately applied
2. Second layer is high shear strength hot-melt copolymer adhesive.
3. Third layer is radiation cross-linked, high density polyethylene backing.
Thickness of this coating system is 3mm Or As per customer requirement


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