Limestone Quarry Plant

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QCCO was approved as a member of “China Association for Contracting Projects Abroad “and granted a membership certificate on Sep 28,2005; “Credibility Rating AAA certificate in Foreign Trade” was granted to QCCO by China Shippers’ Association


Seamless Steel Drilling Pipe

We are equipped with facilities of top quality in the world, such as hydraulic upset forging machine, walking beam quenching furnace, , hot and cold straighten device, friction welding machine, middle frequency heat treatment, numerical control lathe and compete set of ultrasonic inspection and magnetic particle inspection. The whole process includes hot upset forging, heat treatment, hot straightening, could straightening, ultrasonic inspection on pipe body and pipe end, magnetic particle inspection, friction welding, seam inspection. We strictly carry out API spec Q1 quality control system and API Spec 5DP production standard. We have a complete set of inspection process, inspection for raw material, magnetic particle inspection to pipe end, ultrasonic inspection on pipe body, inspection on weld seam linearity testing and visual inspection 

1)Certificate: API 5DP-0002, API Q1-0964, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 
2)OD: 2 3/8" TO 5 1/2" of label 1 or 60.32mm to 139.7mm 
3)Wall thickness: 6.45 to 12.7mm 
4)Grade: E75, X95, G105, S135 
5)Length: R1: 6.1-7.01mm, R2: 8.84-9.75mm, R3: 12.19-13.72mm




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